Introducing the RF Safe QuantaCase™ RFS1, the ultimate cell phone radiation protection solution for your smartphone. This sleek and slim case is designed to be the thinnest on the market, making it ideal for those who want the best protection without the bulk.

The QuantaCase features RF Safe® Radiation Shielding Technology, which reflects electromagnetic radiation, including 5G frequencies, away from the user. This advanced technology is integrated into the front flap of the outer case to deflect radiation away from the body while still allowing the signal to enter and exit the back of the phone unimpeded, making it easy to communicate while staying protected.

One of the handiest features of the QuantaCase is its built-in RFID-blocking wallet. This feature ensures that your credit card, room key, or any RFID remote access card remains protected at all times. This added security feature will protect your personal information from potential thieves who use RFID scanners to steal your information.

The QuantaCase also features a side magnetic latch that provides a magnetic thumb guard to reduce direct contact with the side of the phone. This not only provides added protection for the user, but it also reduces the chances of dropping the phone.

In addition, the QuantaCase also doubles as an adjustable angle stand, allowing you to easily convert it into a stand for watching videos and browsing the web, without the need for any additional equipment. It also has a RF Safe® notch where an inexpensive Ohm meter can be used to test the conductivity of the microwave barrier between your body and device, so you know how well it protects you.

Investing in a RF Safe QuantaCase™ RFS1 is a simple and effective way to protect yourself from the potential hazards of smartphone radiation and ensure your health and well-being. It is a practical and convenient solution that can help reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation without sacrificing the convenience of having your phone with you at all times.

Don’t take any chances with your health. Protect yourself and your loved ones with RF Safe’s anti-radiation phone cases. Order your QuantaCase today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protected.

When using QuantaCase with a phone, use the following practices to minimize radiation exposure:

  • When using the phone at the ear, always close the front flip cover and use the speakerphone when privacy is not a concern. Suggest keeping distance as much as possible.
  • When texting, simply fold the cover to the back of the phone.
  • When carrying the phone in a pocket, keep the front cover facing the body; it is preferred to carry it in the back pocket.
  • Keep the front cover towards the user when carrying the phone in a purse. These recommendations are based on the idea that the front shielded part of the phone should always face the closest part of your body to deflect the radiation away from your body and to avoid blocking the antenna, which can cause the phone to increase output power and increase radiation emission.

The QuantaCase™ Pledge is a commitment by the company to support the development of safer cell phones and to work towards standardization within the wireless industry and governmental agencies. The company aims to accelerate the pace at which cell phone users are properly informed and able to attain safer wireless technologies at the point of sale. QuantaCase™ is transparent about its product’s radiation protection level and should never be a replacement for distance when possible. It supports the industry and government to improve and make radiation protection standards that protect all age groups of phone users.

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