QuantaCase™ Strictly Adheres To The RF Safe® First Principles Design Specifications For Protective Phone Case Manufactures

This topic covers what should and shouldn’t be inside your phone case when effectively controlling radiation exposure is a top priority.

Both the principles of shielding electromagnetic waves and how phones operate are well understood. However, the EMR dynamics change when RFR shielding is applied near software-regulated transmitters, like the phone carried with you all day. Therefore, a balance must be achieved to meet one’s goals for how the photons your phone emits propagate in space around you.

What Are RF Safe® First Principles Phone Case Design Specifications?

#1 Any accessory making contact with a phone must not obstruct electromagnetic wave propagation from the back of the device when making claims of phone radiation reduction because such design features are known to trick the phone’s software into thinking it is further from a cell tower, resulting in the smartphone transmitting higher levels of electromagnetic radiation to compensate.

Surprisingly, many companies claiming to make smartphone cases protecting you from radiation violate this fundamental first principle in design. Even more shocking is that the most popular anti-radiation brands, Safe sleeve and DefenderShield, manufacture these counterproductive and potentially dangerous designs to sell added accessories that attach magnetically, 100% ignoring the science and physics of how a smartphone works.

Examples: Anti-Radiation Cases With Detachable Anti-Radiation Cover To Work With Other Accessories. 

On the FTC’s website page titled “Cell Phone Radiation scams,” it explicitly states that “…shields may interfere with the phone’s signal, cause it to draw even more power to communicate with the base station, and possibly emit more radiation.”

As the above video points out, Safesleeve’s case design incorporates a large piece of metal in the back of their cases. This metal plate, along with magnets, interferes with the phone’s antenna and operational output power. Due to this anti-radiation design flaw, Safesleeve is putting users at far greater risk of exposure to abnormally high levels of cell phone radiation. As a result, Safesleeve violates several fundamental design considerations of any anti-radiation case.

Safesleeve appears not to understand the science behind how a cell phone works, which seems obvious, as their design matches the FTC’s description of a scam.

Safesleeve is selling consumers a perilous anti-radiation case that blocks the phone’s antenna with a metal plate so that they can sell additional phone accessories that attach to a magnet without any regard for consumers’ safety from radiation!

That’s the first way you’re being deceived by Safesleeve poorly designed cases that are advertised as keeping you safe from RF radiation but are potentially exposing you to even more significant amounts of radiation from your phone by interfering with the phone’s antenna.

QuantaCase Sticks To The Science That Supports Phone RF Safety!

Microwave shielding in the front, microwave transparency in the back!

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